Rust is...something old made new.

[Dec 30 2016]

On r/rust there has been a small explosion of memes for the end of the year. Posts about fire flowers, safety, not really safety, and even salvation for software.

I can’t pretend to be as smart as those guys. I like Rust because it’s wicked fast and I don’t run into the errors I would doing the same things in C or C++. Well, not exactly the same because Rust won’t let me do that.

I recently made a url shortener in Rust. I love web technologies and this was my first time using Rust for the web. I was initially skeptical since the most C looking web things I’ve worked with were in PHP (a language I don’t like very much). Rust handled it quite well. It was like writing a strongly typed Javascript that actually told you when you were doing something wrong! Of course debugging was an adventure since Rust documentation is written for system programmers. But between there and Stack Overflow everything came together.

Rust is like an improvement on what’s been fractured for 40 years. I hope it doesn’t (or at least the community doesn’t) go the way of Haskell though. Not everyone is familiar with higher math or likes to use it day to day just to get things done. A user on reddit sugested that there should be a Rust for the Rest of Us, or a Rust for Script Kiddies book. I really look forward to something like that.